Ham Radio Course

In fall semester 2008 Funkbude started to offer an amateur radio course. It was a full success and other courses took place since then - with very high success rates! This coming fall semester 2022 we will offer the course again! The course is held in form of a guided preparation for the BAKOM multiple choice exam which has to be taken to get licensed... The course will be held in German. The BAKOM exam can be taken in German, French, and Italian.

Most important facts:

  • BAKOM (Bundesamt für Kommunikation) requires to take an exam in basic electronics and radio reglementation in order to become a licensed radioamateur with a HB9 callsign (HB3 as a novice license is also possible with easier requirements).
  • Funkbude offers a guided exam preparation with evening meetings to discuss problems/questions etc.
  • A self-study book with the necessary electronics theory and the reglementations will be used.
  • In parallel to studying the theory, the officially available list of typical questions can be worked through to prepare for the exam.
  • There will be an official BAKOM exam for all interested students.
  • If more than 10 students sign up, the exam can be taken in Zurich at ETH instead of Biel.
  • If you are interested in P&S points, please also sign up at the official P&S registration!

Are you interested in our radio course? Then contact us now via our contact form!

Useful links:
USKA (Union Schw. Kurzwellen-Amateure)

Das Kursmaterial wird uns freundlicherweise von Amateurfunkkurs.ch (Club Basel, HB9BSL) mit Erlaubnis des Autors E. Moltrecht DJ4UF zur Verfuegung gestellt.