Ham Radio Course

In HS08 Funkbude started to offer an amateur radio course. It was a full success and other courses took place since then - with very high success rates! This HS 2017 we will offer the course again! The course is held in form of a guided preparation for the BAKOM multiple choice exam which has to be taken to get licensed...

Most important facts:

  • BAKOM (BundesAmt fuer KOMmunikation) requires to take an exam in basic electronics and radio reglementation in order to become a licensed radioamateur with a HB9... callsign (HB3... as a novice license possible with easier requirements).
  • Funkbude offers a guided exam preparation with evening meetings to discuss problems/questions etc.
  • A self-study book with the necessary electronics theory and the reglementations will be used.
  • In parallel to studying the theory, the officially available list of typical questions can be worked through to pass the exam with ease.
  • There will be an official BAKOM exam for all interested students.
  • If more than 10 students sign up, the exam can be taken in Zurich at ETH instead of Biel.
  • Subscription/Interest form open!
  • If you are interested in PPS points, please also sign up at the official PPS registration!

Useful links:
USKA (Union Schw. Kurzwellen-Amateure)
CQ World Wide DX Contest: official web site

Das Kursmaterial wird uns freundlicherweise von Amateurfunkkurs.ch (Club Basel, HB9BSL) mit Erlaubnis des Autors E. Moltrecht DJ4UF zur Verfuegung gestellt.